Egypt Travel Advice

Like many, I was riveted by the situation in Egypt back in 2011. Watching the demonstration unfold in front of the Pyramids of Giza which my friends and I visited less than a year earlier sends chills down my spine. While most flights to Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria have been cancelled, what do you do if you’re there?


Attraction in Egypt//


 Here are some tips if you find yourself as a traveler in Egypt, or any location where an uprising occurs.



One Middle East expert, Matthew Teller suggests large gatherings and demonstrations should be avoided at all cost, and the curfew strictly adhered to.  There is very little police protection so the best place to be is indoors.

  • Listen to international news organizations like CNN, BBC and Al Jezeera news network for the latest information and for announcements regarding changes to curfew. Most often there will be no Internet access and mobile phone coverage is intermittent.
  •  Get in touch with your embassy as they may provide announcements and travel information specific to their nationals. 
  • For example, the US, European and Canadian Embassies may be able to provide its nationals evacuation assistance out of Egypt.
  • While crime rate is generally low in Egypt it is always wise to safeguard your passport, money and any valuables, especially given the situation on hand.
  • Have cash at the ready for “tips”. While this might sound a little crass, it’s realistic. On my recent visit everyone from the guy at airport who screened our luggage to the bathroom attendant handing out toilet paper expected a tip. Thus I imagine in this current situation even more people will expect tips from the tourists.

Stay calm so that you will be better able to use sound judgment and not make a bad situation worse for you or those who you are travelling with.

A travel blog post by Eva. I’m a Polish born traveler, travel photographer, writer and runner living in Montreal Canada. In the 10-plus years that I’ve been travelling, living and exploring various travel destinations, I’ve explored much of the America’s, Europe and the Caribbean Islands.

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