Why Cottage Rentals Are Becoming So Popular

Cottage Rentals | Benefits Of Cottage Rentals

When travelers are choosing their holidays, hotels are the most popular choice for their accommodation as they are so convenient and can be found nearly anywhere, but times are changing!

Cottage rentals are now becoming a lot more popular and better known. They are self-catering and furnished, meaning it usually has every convenience. Most cottages are family friendly and provide activities and games for children; some even have a swimming pool.

Cottage are usually rented to one family or group of friends at a time and the guest normally will take their own personal items such as toiletries and they will also require to purchase their own food.

Unlike hotels many cottages offer laundry facilities which gives the traveler a sense of having a home away from home, usually in peaceful surroundings where family or friends can spend some quality time.
There are many different types of cottage rentals available, from beachfront cottages to cute little chalets.
The cottages are usually rented out by the owners of the property themselves, but can be booked online or usually through management agencies.

If you get to meet the owners on arrival, then they are usually very helpful and can provide you with information on the best local attractions and places to dine out.

Try A Cottage Rental Rather Than A Hotel If You:

  • Are certain of your plans.
  • Cottage holidays usually offer a cancellation period of up to 6 weeks, whereas a hotel will allow a period of 24-48 hours.
  • Like the feeling of being in a home away from home situation with the chance to experience the local community.
  • Want a unique holiday with the possibility of a little uncertainty and surprise.
  • Like the freedom of preparing home cooked meals of an evening, instead of getting dressed up smart to visit a restaurant every night.
  • Prefer privacy.
  • Don’t want assistance and would prefer finding attractions to visit by yourself.
  • Prefer the family or group of friends to all be together in one unit, rather than spread across many different hotel rooms.
  • Have children and pets and like the option of a garden area where they can play.

Firstly, they are always unique!

Hotel rooms are always pretty standard, whereas a cottage for rent usually reflects the personalities of the people who own the property. Often you find a nice outside BBQ to use during the summer months with little picnic benches placed nicely around.
There are also amenities such as DVD players, books for the children and a kitchen stocked with many pots, pans and cutlery.

Although the cost of cottage rentals is usually higher than hotels, you often find that once you split the cost between the group of people staying, the price works out cheaper!


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The benefit that most people enjoy is the privacy. There is usually lots of peace and quiet, without having to listen to other hotel guests strolling up and down the corridors in the early hours of the morning!

If you have not tried cottage rentals previously, it can be a very rewarding experience; remember, if you do not like it, then next time you choose your holiday you can go back to using hotels!

Post by Angella Grey, the marketing manager at The Vacation Rentals Experts – an online and offline digital marketing agency that creates marketing solutions for vacation rentals, holiday homes and brands.

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